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The Integrated Governance Committee leads the development and monitoring of quality and risk systems within ECCH to ensure that quality, patient safety and risk management are at the heart of all our activities. The committee ensures that appropriate risk management processes are in place to assure the Board that risks are being identified and managed within ECCH. It also develops systems and processes to ensure that we are compliant with the registration requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

The committee makes sure that the treatments and services that we provide are appropriate, reflect best practice, represent best value for money and are responsive to meet people's needs. The committee also ensures that service users' views and experiences are reflected in the way our services are delivered.


Annual Governance Statements

ECCH publishes an Annual  Governance Statement every year. It draws together position statements and evidence on governance, risk management and control in order to record the stewardship of the organisation, and to supplement its accounts.

Annual Governance Statement for Year ended 30 September 2019

Annual Governance Statement for Year ended 30 September 2020

Annual Governance Statement for Year ended 30 September 2021

Annual Governance Statement for Year ended 30 September 2022

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