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High Intensity Use Service


Our service

The High Intensity Use (HIU) Service at ECCH is a team of Health Improvement Practitioners which supports patients who frequently attend A&E. We’ve been commissioned by the local Integrated Care Board (ICB) based on a strongly evaluated and established model developed and delivered in Blackpool.

The Health Improvement Practitioners aim to reduce A&E admissions where a different care approach would be more appropriate, connecting patients with other services, communities and organisations that best support their needs.


Who we care for

The HIU team supports patients who regularly call an ambulance or attend A&E as they have nowhere else to go. These are often vulnerable patients who may be experiencing a combination of physical health conditions, substance misuse and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, or abuse, financial problems or homelessness.

While A&E is not the most appropriate care option for these patients, the HIU Health Improvement Practitioners help them to manage their health conditions and social situation through community-based care and referrals to appropriate services.

Our Health Improvement Professionals come from a range of different disciplines, providing compassionate and non-judgemental health coaching across East Norfolk and Waveney.


There is no referral into this service as each patient identified as a frequent attender of A&E at the James Paget University Hospital is contacted by outreach or by phone and assessed using a personalised approach.


Telephone: If you are an existing patient who is already registered with our HIU Service and need further support, please call 01493 809977 or contact your practitioner directly.

Service times: Please be aware that this service is not able to provide an emergency response. Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm. If you feel you require advice and support outside of these hours, please consider the following services:

Out of hours medical services: 111

For mental health support, please call 111 option 2 to reach the mental health First Response Service.

The Samaritans: 01603 116123


“The support and the care provided by one of your team practitioners was of great beneficial help to me during a very stressful time. It is most appreciated, and I am grateful to have this opportunity to say thank you.”

“XXX was very understanding. XXX actually heard me, not just 'listened'. XXX supported me through problematic neighbours, struggles to move house and poor physical health, all of which impacted on my mental health. Even with my discharge, he heard my needs and gave me time to come to terms with it, so when it happened, I was mentally prepared. Thank you XXX”.

“You do a great job. Thank you for your help. I wouldn’t have made it to where I am now without you and the probation team. I’m very grateful. I am truly happy for the first time in my life. But it’s been really hard getting here, and I needed help from you and some others”.

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