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Pharmacy Team


The Pharmacy Team works across all ECCH teams to ensure that patients get the most benefit from their medicines whilst under our care.

We are a small team made up of registered pharmacy technicians and pharmacists, supported by a pharmacy support worker.

The Pharmacy Team at ECCH work closely with patients, their carers and health and social care teams to ensure that medicines are tailored to patients’ individual needs to achieve the maximum benefit to their health. We work hard to help patients be independent with their medicines.

What you can expect from us:

As a patient on Minsmere inpatient unit at Beccles Hospital

We work closely with the prescribers to ensure that you are prescribed the correct medications, at the correct dose and in the correct form.

Our aim is to help you remain independent with your medicines. We assess you throughout your stay and educate you on how to take your medications effectively, including using devices such as inhalers, and provide support where difficulties exist, such as supplying you with appropriate aids.

We will speak to social workers to arrange for medication support once home, and district nurses to support with insulin where needed.

We ensure you have a supply of your medications for use whilst you are a patient on the ward and on discharge.

We also provide you with a tailored medication list (reminder chart).

We keep your medicines safe.


Community and specialist services

We work closely with other ECCH teams such as community matrons, rehab support workers, specialist nurses, therapists and your GP surgery and community pharmacy to ensure that your medication needs are met.

We work with health and social care teams to make sure you are safe in relation to your medicines.

Taking a holistic view, we will work with you and others, assessing your needs and help you maintain or regain your independence with respect to taking your medicines.

We do this through working with you to understand your medicines, simplifying treatment and by tailoring the use of special compliance aids, reminder charts and technology.


We accept referrals from all ECCH services via an internal referral process.

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