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About ECCH

East Coast Community Healthcare (ECCH) is a staff-owned social enterprise, providing community-based NHS services in Norfolk and Suffolk. We have contracts with the NHS and two county councils. At least 70,000 people are registered as service users with ECCH.

Why a social enterprise?

We believe the social enterprise model offers us the opportunity to create a more sustainable and flexible organisation, to take charge of our own destiny and make real improvements to services for patients. We are a ‘human’ organisation in every way; most of our funds are spent on staff to care for people and we have an ethos of high quality care, every time.

What makes us different?

ECCH is owned by its employees. Our staff have a stake – and therefore a real say – in how the organisation works. 77% of staff are shareholders - well above average for a social enterprise - and we have two Staff Directors, appointed by their shareholder colleagues, who sit on the Board and shape our business. We also have a Shareholder Council made up of representatives from all departments which is consulted on issues affecting the organisation. For example, shareholders played a key role in the appointment of the current Chair, Chief Executive and Non-Executive Directors.

Take a look at the video to see what being employee owned means to us
Our first 10 years

In October 2021 ECCH celebrated its 10th anniversary. Here are some of the highlights of our first decade providing healthcare for local communities.

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