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Our website is designed for you - our patients, your relatives, friends and professionals engaging with us at ECCH - so you can find the information you need about our organisation and its services.
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Very friendly, made you feel at ease, answered all my questions in a way that I could understand

About Adults Speech and Language Therapy - Oct 2019

Excellent care and attention at all times

About Beccles Hospital - Dec 2019

I found she was very understanding and very helpful in the information of my condition and my well being, thank you.

About Cardiac Rehabilitation - Dec 2019

Really very patient and informative, given plenty of time to ask questions, felt very reassured

About Continence - Jan 2020

I have been treated with respect and information given was easy to understand. Very helpful

About Dietetics - October 2019

Excellent service, couldn't fault it

About Early Intervention Vehicle - Jan 2020

I have had the very best treatment, my care has been a 100% experience and I will miss the visits

About Early Supported Discharge - Jan 2020

Because I was very pleased at every bit of the clear information I was given in such a kindly manner.

About ECCH - Jan 2020

The exercise professionals were very helpful and really helped me with how to control my balance. I am very grateful to them both

About Frailty Service - Jan 2020

Nurse frequently rang to ask how I was, and gave me advice about what I could expect in and where the staff were extremely friendly and helpful

About Infection Control Team - Oct 2019

I have found the service invaluable - although no cure for ME, the advice & guidance and the listening eas have been a positive contributing factor to helping me cope and learn to manage my illness. The OT is wonderful, thank you :-)

About ME/ CFS - Jan 2020

I was listened to and felt valued through consultation

About MSK - Jan 2020

I felt like a normal human being and not like a person with a difficulty

About Neurology - Jan 2020

Team always cheerful and considerate. They gave me re-assurance and answered my questions, a lovely nurse

About Nursing PCN Great Yarmouth and Northern Villages - Dec 2019

All you staff despite working under pressure are extremely kind, helpful and supportive. I would never have been able to cope without them

About Nursing PCN Lowestoft - Jan 2020

The centralisation of services were very convenient. Staff has infallibly been helpful, friendly and professional, not to mention the reactive team being presant for all of us just when we needed it

About Nursing PCN Waveney - Jan 2020

I was treated as a person who needed help and told of things that would ease my problems and they have done so a lot, I am so thankful

About Occupational Therapy - Jan 2020

The ladys are very nice, professional with the care and understanding. Easy to talk to, always concerned about anything I am worried about and willing to help

About Phlebotomy - Jan 2020

I felt that the physiotherapist was extremely professional and he also had a very warm, sympothetic personality. So, every visit to see him was very encouraging and positive with lots of helpful exercises and advice

About Physiotherapy - Jan 2020

This service has been absolutely brilliant, the staff have been very friendly and professional, completely satisfied

About Podiatry - Jan 2020

My son has made lots of progress since having 2 blocks of therapy. I am always kept well informed about the plan, his achievements and how we can support him too. My son has really enjoyed his sessions

About Children & Young People Speech and Language Therapy - Jan 2020

The advisor was extremely supportive, understanding and non-judgemental

About Smokefree Norfolk - Jan 2020

Because the service system is good, very friendly and helpful. People like nurses are very good at helping especially in providing information, appointment to patients and especially in medicine. I want to say thank you

About TB Service - Jan 2020

I wanted to thank you for all the services you have given me to enable me to stay at home

About Wheelchair Service - Jan 2020

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