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At ECCH we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and playing our part in helping the NHS with its aim to become the first net zero national health service by 2040.

To achieve our goals ECCH has developed a 3-year Green Plan. It looks at all elements of our business with a view to reducing our carbon footprint, particularly focusing on:

  • Buildings and materials
  • Areas of our supply chain such as medicines, medical equipment and catering
  • Travel, including patient and staff journeys
  • Waste


When procuring services from companies, we will endeavour to use local organisations which have their own green plan and environmental strategy in place.

We have completed an initial calculation of our carbon footprint in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which is a nationally recognised format for companies wanting to record their greenhouse gas emissions. We will continue to repeat this process on a minimum yearly basis so that we can monitor our emissions and clearly demonstrate a reduction in our overall emissions.

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