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Our Values

Our culture at ECCH is built around a set of values which underpin how we do things, summed up by the word 'CARE'. This stands for: Compassion, Action, Respect, Everyone.

The aim is for all staff to feel a sense of connection and to share in our collective achievements. We want to empower our colleagues to be the best they can be, to focus on building community relationships, making connections and using their judgement to deliver exceptional patient care.

Our four signature behaviours are:


We Listen, We Learn, We Lead
  • I am open, honest, flexible and reliable
  • I listen to understand: I take the time to hear what people say, not what I want to hear
  • I lead every day in many different ways - I use this to embrace challenge and change
  • I am considerate of the impact my actions have on others
  • I take personal responsibility for reading, responding to and sharing communications


My Responsibility, My Accountability
  • I am professional at all times and I do what I say I will do
  • I seek to find solutions, not problems
  • I actively participate in giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • I engage in the delivery of our strategic objectives
  • My goal is to deliver the best care and service every time, every day
  • I take ownership of my lifelong learning, looking after my own wellbeing and helping to support others


Respect Our Resources: People, Time & Money
  • I make the most of every opportunity that arises in the interest of our company
  • I am cost-conscious and I suggest ways in which cost savings can be made
  • I treat everyone fairly and with respect
  • I value the contribution my colleagues make to the community and the environment
  • I expand knowledge, share and develop ideas to continually improve and enhance our services
  • I contribute to the development of our staff- owned organisation


Work Together, Achieve Together
  • When the team wins, we all win
  • I build strong relationships with colleagues and our community stakeholders
  • I promote a positive team environment
  • I contribute to team discussions and share my ideas
  • I am proactive with personal desire to succeed and make a difference
  • I always act as an ambassador for ECCH

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