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Our Values

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality services is based on a set of values designed by our staff that form the bedrock of everything we do as an organisation.

Evolve culture programme

In 2018 we embarked on a programme to build an ‘intentional culture’ within ECCH to help us meet our future challenges and be the best we can be.
We’ve called the programme Evolve. The aim of the Evolve programme is for all staff to feel a sense of connection across ECCH and share in the collective achievement of our purpose.
ECCH’s purpose: We will be a groundbreaking, forward thinking community focused social enterprise with a reputation for
excellence and quality in improving health and wellbeing.
The Evolve programme is based on a set of four signature behaviours that will underpin how we do things in ECCH in order to achieve our purpose. All staff can relate to these behaviours and all staff are expected to positively demonstrate them in the workplace. 
Our four signature behaviours are:

We Listen, We Learn, We Lead

  • We convert ideas and feedback into action
  • We lead every day in many different ways (Including following)
  • We take the time to hear what people say, not what we want to hear
  • We believe lifelong learning improves the well being of all

Work together, Achieve together

  • When the team wins, we all win
  • We are part of our community and a system of care (no person is an island)
  • To do what I do, I need you (My team needs your team for ECCH to succeed)
  • Wellbeing is key - Comfortable, Health, Happy

My Responsibility, My Accountability

  • We do what we say we will do
  • We are part of the solution, not the problem
  • We are positive: where blame is present, accountability is absent
  • Our Evolve behaviours are our responsibility

Be Cost Conscious, Respect Our Resources

  • We understand that every pound wasted is a need left unmet
  • We all share in ECCH's success
  • We innovate to grow our success
  • Saving 0.5% of our budget generates £175,000 - What could we achieve?