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Stakeholder Feedback Form

Associate Director of Specialist Services

Your responsibility as a panel member

As a valued member of this section of the selection process, your role will be to assess the candidates on the basis of Adele Madin’s direction below: -


My ambition is that the stakeholder session will be a conversation between stakeholders, which includes the candidate, that will draw out the candidate’s leadership /personal style. I would like you to consider: -


  • How the candidate relates to the people in the room and how they take part in the conversation
  • Consider specifically how they meet the personal attributes listed in the person specification.
  • Can you draw out how “interested” in the different specialities the candidate is?” This may be evidenced by: -


      • knowledge of the scope of services they would be responsible for
      • questions or discussion with panel members about different services/aspects of the services
      • does the candidate recognise the connection with this role and pick up references to the different services well and how they may connect? “

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