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Temporary and Bank Work

Temporary staff play a vital role in ensuring high standards of patient care are maintained.  This means that our temporary workers are highly valued.  

Our temporary staff are called Bank Staff.  Bank Staff refers to a pool of people that we can call on when we need to cover shifts, holidays or just need extra staff as and when.

You can choose the shifts you want to take on, giving you a great deal of flexibility when deciding to work and which days.  Shifts cover a variety of times and can be days, evenings, and nights during weekdays and at weekends.

As a member of our Staff Bank Register you decide where you work, what you do and how much, in line with your qualifications and training. It’s your choice and you’re in control.

Helping you have a healthier work/life balance

Why join ECCH’s Staff Bank Register

There are a huge number of benefits to choosing to work flexible shifts on our ECCH Bank Staff Register.  By being part of our Bank Staff Register, you will:

  • Be able to choose the shifts and times that work best for you
  • Have priority placement over agency workers meaning you have your pick of available shifts
  • Be a part of the NHS family and a valued member of ECCH’s workforce
  • Receive personal development and gain skills in new areas
  • Be paid in line with NHS Terms and Conditions, known as Agenda for Change

Paid Training and Uniforms provided

In addition to the above, we provide:

  • Uniforms, free of charge
  • Full mandatory training: time spent completing mandatory training is paid
  • Paid shadow shifts to allow you to meet other staff and quickly gain confidence in your new role

What roles are available?

Any healthcare professional can join our Staff Bank Register. Typically, we have regular work available for Staff Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Rehab Support Assistants, Physiotherapists, and Occupational Therapist. Other roles may also be available and would depend on the demand at the time.  Although not essential, previous NHS experience is helpful.

Choose your shifts around childcare, school times, and other commitments

Why work on ECCH's Bank?

Working as a member of ECCH Staff Bank Register gives you the choice of when and where you would like to work. Having more flexibility around when you work is attractive to people for a variety of reasons. Flexible shifts may be beneficial to:

  • Those who are retired but looking to keep their knowledge current or earn a little extra money
  • Parents or those who have family commitments and need shifts that fit around school, childcare and more
  • Those working substantively at an NHS trust and are looking for additional shifts to supplement their income or to gain experience or a greater variety of work
  • Those who are looking to try out new areas of work, such as experiencing working in the community rather than a hospital, to gain more knowledge and experience
  • Students looking to gain experience of a clinical setting and to earn whilst they are learning
  • In addition, working as part of our Staff Bank Register, means that you are perfectly placed to apply for a longer-term contract or permanent role should one become available.


If you are interested in joining our bank, please send your CV outlining your qualifications and experience to:

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