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Health Coaching

Health coaching helps people to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become active participants in their own care and reach their health goals.

We know patients want to be listened to and heard. This way of working enables that by providing patients with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take greater responsibility for self-managing their health, wellbeing and care – rather than simply hearing about what they should do from medical professionals.

Since 2014, ECCH has been implementing an ambitious programme to embed health coaching as the key approach for all our adult services teams.

In adopting this approach, ECCH’s aim is to change the nature of clinical relationships, particularly for patients with long-term conditions, promoting independence and improving care outcomes.

In our experience, health coaching leads to more effective consultations, enables people to thrive by making healthier choices, feeling motivated and in control. It builds the confidence to take ownership of the goals that they have set with our clinicians.

ECCH has now trained more than 360 of its staff and nearly 100 others from partner organisations in health coaching.

In 2018, ECCH won the award for Best Coaching and Mentoring Initiative at the CAKE People Development Awards.

You can find out more about health coaching on the

You can find out more about health coaching on the Better Conversations website.

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