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Verification of Expected Death


To develop the skills required in determining expected death and to fully understand legal requirements of ‘Recording a Fact of Death’.

Appropriate for registered nurses only.


  • Clinical examination following suspected death including the examination of the fundi, Pupils and chest.

  • Exclusion of possible foul play including the examination of the neck for bruising, the eyes for petechiae and a complete body assessment.

  • Legal and Professional responsibility

  • Recording a fact of Death correctly

  • Breaking bad news: Communication with the bereaved relatives




This one day training session costs £99 plus VAT dlegate number may vary depending on venue.

The costs are inclusive of trainer, travel, equipment, certificates, copy of the signed attendance sheet and any handouts.

The course administrator will be responsible for arranging venue and refreshments.



Please complete a booking form and send to or enquiries to 01502 445300 / 01502 445315.


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