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Research and Development


ECCH is a research active organisation.

We believe in the importance of Research and Development to promote and deliver better healthcare to our patients.

We believe in the importance of Research and Development to promote and deliver better healthcare to our patients.

We currently run research projects within our community services and at the following practices: The Millwood Partnership, The Beaches Medical Centre, Bungay Medical Practice, and Solebay Health Centre.

We are committed to expanding our research portfolio, and work closely with the National Institute for Health and Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network in the Eastern region to deliver research studies effectively to our local area. 

What types of research are there?
  • Drug studies – to assess how new drugs can improve your quality of life
  • Questionnaires – to seek your views and experiences of treatments
  • New surgical procedures – to help health professionals gain knowledge of the best surgical techniques


Why should I get involved with research?
  • To have the opportunity to shape future research, both locally and nationally
  • To have the opportunity to gain access to the latest medications and treatments whilst on a study
  • To help widen clinical knowledge of diseases and treatments
  • To get a better understanding of your condition and possible treatments

Being involved in research is not just about testing new medicines; there are lots of different types of research you can become involved in.

Participating in research is totally voluntary. Your care and treatment will not be affected if you choose not to take part.


Who will ask me to participate in a research study?

You may be asked to participate in a study by a number of people, such as your GP, a clinic nurse, a hospital consultant, a therapist or a trial research nurse.

You may be asked before you come into hospital or whilst you are an inpatient or an outpatient here. You may be contacted after you have been discharged.

Ask your GP or your clinical team about what research may be relevant to you.

Meet the team

David Sweeting

Clinical Specialist

Debbie Dean

Research Practitioner – Occupational Therapist

Cherry White

Research Nurse

Amy Baldwin

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