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Video / Telephone Consultation at ECCH


Information for service users and carers

Before your video consultation please familiarise yourself with the steps below and make sure that you have everything you need to start your video consultation

What you'll need:

Email Address - You’ll need to provide the ECCH service you are under the care of with your email address. This is how we will contact you with a link to your video consultation.​

Internet Connection - you'll need a good internet connection, (for example, if you can watch videos online you should be able to have a video consultation). We recommend using WiFi. Please be aware you may incur charges from your mobile network provider when using mobile internet (3G/4G/5G).

A device with a camera - Whether you're using a Laptop/PC/tablet/ smartphone or any other communication device it will need to have a microphone, screen and a front-facing camera to be able to complete the consultation.

Check your surroundings - Whether you are a relative/carer or patient, take a moment before beginning your consultation to turn off any listening devices like an Alexa/Google Echo that may be near to your consultation area to avoid the accidental recording of confidential information.

Step 1 - Verify your email address

After providing your email address to East Coast Community Healthcare, it must be verified by your referred service.

Once verified you will receive an email with the appointment details and a link to gain a unique access code in order to join the consultation at the presented date & time.

Please do not click this link until the time of your appointment. This will notify your clinician that you’re ready to talk.

Step 2 - Opening the appointment email

Once your email has been received it will contain the appointment time information for your own records. (If not received, please check any spam or junk folders.)

The email will also contain a Hyperlink to be used shortly before the displayed time.

The link will also take you to the access code web page via your default browser

Please do not click the link. Your consultant will instruct you via an email a short time before your scheduled appointment is set to begin. Once instructed then please proceed.

Step 3 - Joining the Consultation

Your smart device/PC will prompt access to the camera and microphone for your chosen web browser.

As a result you may see a permission notification on the device (smartphone/tablet) requesting access.

The Patient will be able to see their own image prior to the clinician joining them in the consultation.

Step 4 - The Consultation

If you are using a web browser the user will see themselves in the smaller window on the right & the clinician in the main left-hand window.

On a Smart Device (Phone/tablet) the user will see themselves in the bottom window and the clinician in the window above.

Step 5 - Ending the call

Once the consultation is complete the user or clinical professional may end the call using the End Call button located on screen

Once pressed, your browser will display the words: “your video consultation has ended”. Please close the browser to conclude the session.

Please DO NOT record the video consultation.

The Therapist WILL NOT record this without prior explicit consent from the patient, and ONLY if it is clinically appropriate.

Tips to set up your home video space


• Try to set up your position in the room so there are no lights or bright windows directly behind you as this will cast a shadow and make it difficult for the clinician to see you.

• If possible make sure there is as little background noise as possible during the appointment and that you feel comfortable in the surroundings you are in to talk about the relevant personal information.  

• If there are other people in the room with you at the time of your appointment please make your clinician aware. 

• You will be asked some questions before your consultation begins to confirm your identity - these are likely to include your name, date of birth and address/telephone number.

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