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ECCH trains Wymondham High Academy staff to respond to anaphylaxis

Wymondham High Academy has held special training so teachers know exactly what to do if a pupil suffers a life threatening allergic reaction.

NHS community healthcare provider East Coast Community Healthcare carried out training sessions for 120 staff at the Academy. It included teaching them how to recognise the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, types of allergens, treatment and how to administer an auto injector.

An estimated 20 deaths from anaphylaxis are reported each year in the UK with a 615% increase in the rate of hospital admissions in the 20 years to 2012.

Vice Principal of Wymondham High Academy Chanel Oswick said: “We feel it is vitally important that all staff at the school know how to respond quickly if a pupil, staff member or visitor should have an allergic reaction and go into anaphylactic shock. It’s not enough to have a few trained people because the response has to be extremely quick so we chose to train all our staff. We hope this will reassure parents that we are equipped to deal with such an occurrence should it arise.”

ECCH’s Training and Development Lead Cheryl Jarvis said: “An estimated two million people in the UK have a diagnosed food allergy and recent tragic news reports have made us all too aware of how serious anaphylaxis can be. People need to be able to spot the signs and react very quickly so we were only too pleased to be able to help the school and ensure that staff will know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency of this type.”

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