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Lewis Kenyon – Contract Manager

The Apprenticeship standard you are doing?

I am currently completing the Commercial Procurement and Supply Level 4


Why you wanted to do an Apprenticeship?

Although I have completed some contract management training previously through CIPFA this did not cover the other major element of my role namely the procurement and supply of required services and products.  This apprenticeship is now essentially completing the circle in term of role


What you have enjoyed or learnt?

I enjoyed being able to meet some interesting people who come from a wide variety of other organisations both in the private and public sector who are also completing the course, it’s surprising that no matter where you work there are a great amount of similarities. I have learnt a great deal particularly with regard to identifying and mitigating risk as well as different negotiation methods and techniques.


How has your experience been overall?

Overall the experience has been good despite undertaking the vast majority of teaching via Zoom due to the pandemic. It has always been positive and flexible in terms of adapting the classroom teaching to an online platform.


What are your future ambitions?

My future ambitions would be move on to complete level 5 after the completion of level 4


Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

I would certainly recommend the option of taking up an apprenticeship if you can, it has provided an opportunity for me to develop my skills and knowledge which has subsequently augmented my day to day work in positive a way. With the bonus of at the end of having qualification for life.


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