How to make a referral

Referral process for parents

Referral process for professionals

New referrals

If you are concerned about your child, or a child in your care and would like to speak to a Speech and Language Therapist you can contact us in the following ways:

For pre-school children

  • If your child is not able to attend a drop-in you can call 01493 809977 to make an appointment to receive a call back from a speech and language therapist who will give you advice and discuss a referral with you. We would advise this route if your child has more complex needs or social communication difficulties
  • Alternatively you can ask a professional who knows your child to refer them (they will need your signature on the consent form for this).

Professionals (Health Visitors, preschool setting staff etc.) can refer a child by sending a completed referral form to ECCA and arranging a telephone triage appointment. (NB. Parental signature must be obtained on consent form otherwise referral will be declined.)

For school age children

We recommend that most school-age children are referred by professionals (usually staff at their school) so that relevant information about the child’s abilities and attainments are given at the time of referral, which helps decision-making about an individual child’s needs.

Please send in a completed referral form to ECCA, and at the same time ring ECCA on 01493 809977 to arrange a telephone triage appointment with a Speech & Language Therapist who will discuss the referral with you and give advice. (NB. Parental signature must be obtained on consent form otherwise referral will be declined).

Children previously known to ECCH Speech and Language Therapy Service

For children needing a review appointment (ie. who have previously been seen by ECCH's Speech and Language Therapy service and for whom targets have been set) or for children whose needs have changed and may need a re-assessment, please re-refer them by sending the referral form to ECCA and arranging a telephone triage appointment

or for a general enquiry:

  • Call 01493 809977 to leave a message for a therapist to call you back. The phone line is operated from 7am to 8pm seven days a week. We aim for a speech and language therapist to respond to your call within 48 hours. 

This is what happens when you make an enquiry:  

Initial time of contact

  • The parent/carer/professional rings our East Coast Community Access (ECCA) phoneline
  • ECCA send an electronic "task" to the Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) Communication Triage team. This is linked to the child's electronic health record.

Within 24 hours of contact

  • The SaLT Communication Triage Team reviews the "task". The SaLT admin team identifies the appropriate local SaLT Team and forwards the "task".

Within 48 hours of contact

  • The SaLT Locality Team reviews the tasks and contacts parent/carer/professional.
  • Each team has planned time, Monday–Friday, to respond to tasks allocated to them.

In our Norfolk Service we have 4 Locality Teams. These teams respond to enquiries and provide telephone consultations for the whole service.