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Carer Support Nurse


Carers tell us that having a support nurse just for them would make it much more likely that they would talk about their support needs related to their health and wellbeing or their caring role, and what they need to help them.

The Carer Support Nurse is designed to help unpaid carers who have their own health needs, or who need extra support for their caring role, that cannot be met by their usual healthcare team. Unpaid carers are lay people in a close supportive role who share in the illness experience of the patient and who undertake vital care work and emotion management. They provide unpaid care, help, or support to family members and friends with care needs but often have unmet health-related support needs of their own due to their caring role.

To be eligible to access this service, carers need to be registered with GP surgeries that work together as Primary Care Networks in the Great Yarmouth and Northern Villages area.

The nurse will work with the carer to discuss and agree a plan to support them. This may be direct support from the Carer Support Nurse or involve referral within the Primary Care Home (PCH) to other professionals, or to social care or the voluntary sector. The nurse will liaise with their own doctor when needed.


GPs, social care or the voluntary sector can refer the carer, or they can self-refer by contacting East Coast Community Healthcare on 01493 809977 and request a referral to the Carer Support Nurse. The nurse will then contact the carer by telephone in the first instance. 

You can also complete this referral form online by clicking the button below:


East Coast Community Access (ECCA): 01493 809977

Our operational hours are 7 days a week, 365 days a year, between 7am-8pm

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