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Consent, Capacity and Healthcare Records


This delivery session is designed to equip staff with the right knowledge and skills to gain valid consent, keep accurate and appropriate records and understand the Mental Capacity Act (MCA).


  • Determine an appropriate level of consent for any given procedure and patient

  • What to do if you cannot gain consent

  • Help Patients reach informed decisions in the consent process

  • Document the consent procedure and fill in consent forms

  • Appreciate the ethical considerations of consent


COURSE CONTENT (Record Keeping)
  • To provide information on documentation and record keeping

  • To understand what records are and why records are kept

  • To examine legal issues relating to record keeping

  • To gain and understanding of the standards required for documentation


  • 5 core principals of the MCA

  • Understand the meaning of ‘capacity’ under the MCA

  • Know when and how to assess capacity

  • Recording decisions

  • To be aware of ‘Deprivation of Liberty’ and other safeguards



This one day in-house training session costs £900 plus VAT for anything up to 15 delegates, each delegate thereafter will cost £99 per person plus VAT.

The costs are inclusive of trainer, travel, equipment, certificates, copy of the signed attendance sheet and any handouts.

The course administrator will be responsible for arranging venue and refreshments.



Please complete a booking form and send to or enquiries to 01502 445300 / 01502 445315.


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