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Continence Care


The specialist continence nursing team could deliver sessions on the following:


  • Assessment of continence

  • Types of incontinence

  • Treatments for incontinence including: fluid advice, bladder training, pelvic floor exercises, medication and surgical options

  • Managing incontinence including: incontinence pads and sheaths


  • Indications are catheterisation

  • Types of catheter and drainage options

  • Insertion of female, male and changing suprapubic catheter using anatomical models


  • Assessment of LUTS in the community including: interpretation of uroflometry and residual results

  • Causes of LUTS

  • Treatment and management of LUTS



Be confident at assessing continence and LUTS in the community, know which patients to refer and to what service.



The sessions could be delivered to a large group, smaller group of no more than 10 would be needed to teach catheterisation as a practical session

The costs are inclusive of trainer, travel, equipment, certificates, copy of the signed attendance sheet and any handouts.

Prices available upon request.



Please complete a booking form and send to or enquiries to 01502 445300 / 01502 445315.

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