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c-SIGHT: A feasibility study of a computerised Spatial Inattention Grasping Home-based Therapy for stroke survivors

Currently, there is no effective therapy for spatial neglect and this is a research priority for stroke survivors, carers and clinicians. The study builds on previous work showing that SIGHT is a promising self-administered home-based therapy for spatial neglect, but better methods to increase and record adherence are required.

Working with stroke survivors, carers and clinicians the study team have developed of a computerized version of SIGHT (c-SIGHT). The key scientific question is whether c-SIGHT can be self-administered by stroke survivors with spatial neglect in their own homes. The Stroke Association has funded the study to test the feasibility of a randomized controlled trial design using c-SIGHT in people’s own homes.

The study is being delivered by ECCH Stroke and Research teams.

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