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Smoking Cessation


  • Training time can be presented between 1-3 hours

  • The participants learn about smoking and smoking cessation, addiction, habit, health harms, benefits to quitting and what makes a successful cessation attempt.

  • Who is Smokefree Norfolk and what we provide.

  • How to refer to Smokefree Norfolk and why

  • Information around pharmacotherapy

  • Information around non-licenced methods – for example vaporisers.


  • Course content includes information regarding Smoking Tobacco, Chemicals and their harm, Addiction to Nicotine, Habitual elements of smoking, health harms to smoking, health benefits to cessation, Pharmacotherapy licenced and unlicensed for cessation, importance of support and attending appointments, information regarding the Smokefree clinics and how to refer to the service.



This 1-3 hour training session costs £.. plus VAT for anything up to 40 delegates.


The costs are inclusive of trainer, travel, equipment, certificates, copy of the signed attendance sheet and any handouts.