Family Nurse Partnership

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a voluntary home visiting programme for first time young mums, aged 19 years and under.

A specially trained family nurse visits the young mum from early pregnancy until the child reaches two years of age. FNP has been developed over the past 30 years, originally in the USA.

It aims to enable young families to:

Have a healthy pregnancy

Improve their child’s health and development

Plan their own futures and achieve their aspirations and goals.




The FNP programme is underpinned by an internationally recognised, robust evidence base which shows it can improve health, social and educational outcomes in the short, medium and long term, while also providing positive economic returns.

Read about one of our young mums’ experiences here.

We actively promote the use of Healthy Start Vitamins. Details of where these can be obtained are available in this leaflet.


Recruitment to the Family Nurse Partnership is voluntary. Anyone can telephone our office, leaving your name, date of birth, contact number and estimated date of delivery.

A family nurse will contact you to arrange a visit when they can talk to you about the services ECCH provides. They will discuss which service might be the best for your needs (in case you are more suited to the Universal Health Visiting service for instance).



The following table explains who the criteria for those eligible to obtain FNP support:

  Eligible for offer of FNP service Not Eligible
Gestation Less than 28 weeks More than 28 weeks



Clients who are living within the NHS Lowestoft area (post codes NR32, NR33, NR34, NR35, IP18 and IP19). Women who plan to leave the area before their child reaches 2 years of age for an extended period of time (3 months or longer) or permanently.
Age 19 years and under at last menstrual period 20 years or over at last menstrual period
First Pregnancy Previous pregnancy ending in miscarriage/termination/stillbirth Previous pregnancy ending in live birth
Adoption No planned adoption at entry to FNP Previous pregnancy ending in adoption OR adoption planned before 20w
Language Non English speaking clients We will supply an interpreter If Family Nurses have 5 non English speaking clients recruited already



Beccles Hospital

St Mary's Road
NR34 9NQ

Opening times:

8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday

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